How to Join

Welcome to the Land of the Sky Association of REALTORS® organization!   If you are a newly licensed agent and have decided which firm you are going to hang your license with, below are the steps to join our Board:

  • BIC completes LOTSAR BOARD MEMBER ADD/CHANGE FORM. Submit with a copy of digital NCREC License to LOTSAR.  Make sure the pocket card is included if NCREC is not showing your new agent on their website. The application will not be processed until LOTSAR can confirm the license number of your new agent.
    • If you are bringing in/creating a new firm not in our system yet, please also complete the Firm Add/Change Form.
  • LOTSAR will send an invoice for New Member Dues to the agent and their BIC, via email. The agent should watch for an email from   An agent can either pay the invoice online or call 828-255-8505 and accounting will take the payment over the phone. Payment will be collected for your initial orientation fee of $250.00 and annual dues of $747.00.  Annual dues are prorated so they reduce by approximately $57.67 each month starting in February.  Your initiation fee covers your required attendance at our Orientation Class and the Contracts Class.
  • The agent should fill out our REALTOR® membership application. Upon receipt, LOTSAR will call Agent to schedule a New Member appointment with our membership department.  At that time, your application form will be reviewed as well as the member benefits you will receive.

When NEW AGENT has paid LOTSAR dues, a Letter of Good Standing will be sent to the agent, BIC, and CarolinaMLS.  Carolina MLS will then start the process to add new agents to the MLS system.  This will be done thru the MLS Staff in Charlotte, so please contact them for MLS questions.   Contact them at