How to Join

Welcome to the Land of the Sky Association of REALTORS® organization!   If you are a newly licensed agent and have decided which firm you are going to hang your license with, below are the steps to join our Board:

If an agent is under you with the commission, those agents need to be a member of an Association you’re a member of, whether it’s Primary or Secondary. If not, you are invoiced non-member dues on behalf of the agent that does not join the Association. This is a NAR requirement. Below is a snippet from NAR’s Policy and while is states that joining is optional, that’s only if BIC’s want to pay non-member dues on behalf of their agent.
·  Once the principal(s) decide to join the REALTOR® association, then all agents, brokers and appraisers, that are licensed or affiliated with him or her have the option of also joining as members of the association.
·  Each REALTOR® firm appoints one of its principals as a “designated REALTOR®” for the firm. If any agents, brokers, or appraisers affiliated with the firm choose not to be REALTORS®, then the “designated REALTOR®” would be assessed a non-member assessment by the association for each non-member.


  • BIC Completes LOTSAR Change form. This form is also used for BICs to remove agents from their roster.
  • New member completes the REALTOR® Application.
  • LOTSAR Adds member to our database and sends a Dues invoice to the member.
  • After the member has paid their Dues invoice, a Letter of Good Standing is sent to CanopyMLS. New member and BIC also copied on this email. 
  • Agent or BIC submits all needed paperwork to CanopyMLS
  • CanopyMLS adds member to MLS.
  • New member attends LOTSAR New Member Orientation & Contracts.


    • BIC completes LOTSAR CHANGE FORM. The application will not be processed until LOTSAR can confirm the license number and affiliation of your new agent. To avoid delays in confirming this, please attach the Broker Affiliation documents from NCREC.
      If you are bringing in/creating a new firm, not in our system, complete the LOTSAR Change Form once more to add the firm.
    • The agent should fill out our REALTOR® membership application. The Agent should schedule a New Member appointment with our membership department to answer questions and review member benefits. The Orientation must be taken within 30 days to avoid membership termination and MLS disconnection. 
    • LOTSAR will send an invoice for New Member Dues to the agent and their BIC, via email. The agent should watch for an email from   An agent can either pay the invoice online (preferred) or call 828-255-8505 and accounting will take the payment over the phone. Payment will be collected for your initial orientation/join fee of $250.00 and annual dues of $778.00.  Annual dues will be prorated for new REALTOR Members and could be prorated for returning members. 
    • When the member has paid LOTSAR dues, a Letter of Good Standing will be sent to the agent, BIC, and CanopyMLS.  CanopyMLS will then start the process to add new agents to the MLS system.  This will be done thru the MLS Staff in Charlotte, so please contact them for MLS questions. Their email is


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