Visit Fairhaven Challenge

Visit Fairhaven for gifts!

In November 2020, NAR launched Fairhaven, a new fair housing simulation training for REALTORS® that uses the power of storytelling to help members identify, prevent, and address discriminatory practices in real estate. In real estate scenarios inspired by real fair housing cases, learners confront discrimination from the point of view of an agent and a client and then choose how to react.

NAR continues to strengthen its commitment to fair housing in the real estate industry, so too does LOTSAR.

We are asking LOTSAR Members to participate in the Fair Housing Challenge by completing the Fairhaven Fair Housing Simulation.

In addition to gifting the first 100 entries The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America, participants will be entered into a drawing for a gift card!

Go the extra mile and consider the added opportunity of earning NAR’s At Home With Diversity® (AHWD) certification being hosted by LOTSAR on February 4th and taught by our own Nadene Hussey

How does it work?

Start by visiting and complete the training. It’s free and only takes an hour or so to go through the

To complete the challenge, simply visit the components listed below, and then fill out the Fair Housing Challenge Completion Form

What if I’ve already taken the Fairhaven training?

Great! We’re so glad you’ve taken the initiative to review how well you’re adhering to fair housing principles. Just complete the form above before April 20, 2022 to officially enter the challenge.