Yard and Directions Signs

Don’t get fined by the city.

In an attempt to help educate members, we reached out to the city for clarification on directional and yard signs. Below you will find City of Asheville Code of Ordinances, Section 7-13-2. A portion of it states that you can have no more than two (2) signs per lot and cannot have directional signs within any street right-of-way, or down the street, so to speak. The sign has to be on the property that is for sale. Additionally, you cannot have signs located on the strip of land between a sidewalk and the road.

BICs, please communicate this information with your agents to help further our knowledge and to keep from getting fines from the city. These signs already cost enough, no need to add more to that cost.

(d) Signs exempt from permit requirements. The following signs are allowed in all zoning districts and shall not require a sign permit. However, such signs shall conform to the requirements set forth below as well as to other applicable requirements of this article.

(1) Real estate signs. Temporary signs advertising the sale, rental or lease of the property on which said signs are located are allowed, provided such signs are nonilluminated and do not exceed two signs per lot, do not exceed four feet in height and do not exceed four square feet per face for property zoned residential or do not exceed eight feet in height and do not exceed 32 square feet per face for property zoned other than residential. All such signs shall be removed within seven days after the closing of the sale, rental, or lease of the property. A minimum setback of ten feet is required for any real estate sign greater than ten square feet per face. There is no minimum setback requirement for real estate signs containing ten square feet or less.

(3) Directional signs. Directional signs shall be located on the premises to which directions are indicated. Directional signs shall not exceed four square feet per face, two faces per sign, and shall not exceed three feet in height if freestanding. Directional signs shall not be located on the roof of any structure. The maximum number of directional signs allowed per lot shall be four. These signs may be internally or externally illuminated.

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