TO Our Valued LOTSAR Members and Affiliates:

The safety of our 2000 members is paramount as we deal with the unknowns of the Covid-19 Virus. The Land of the Sky Association of REALTORS® is taking additional steps to keep our staff safe and to continue to meet the needs of our members. Effective 3/16 (Monday), 2020 we will limit access to our 37 Montford Avenue office to essential staff and board members only. We will have available a drop box at our office (mailbox behind the building) to leave paperwork or other items that need to be delivered to our staff. This will remain in effect in the near future. We are evaluating our class offerings online. We will need to have NC REC approval before we are able to offer them in the interim. We will update you more on classes. We will continue to be available via email and direct-dial phone numbers. (see the list of staff emails and phone numbers is below).

Sentrilock Issues
If you need a paddle to access a Sentrilock Box, please call the LOTSAR’s office at 828-255-8505, and one will be made available for you.
For other Sentrilock issues call: 877-736-8745
To order a Lock Box Call: 704-940-3126 or contact

Defective Lockbox Issues:
Call SentriKey Support to troubleshoot at 877-736-874.
If the SentriKey Support deems the lockbox defective, a ticket will be created and the Canopy MLS administrator will be copied. Bridgett Bouvier will call or email members to determine if the replacement can be arranged after Canopy MLS reopens.
If there is an emergency replacement needed, arrangements will be made.

In the meantime, we offer some suggestions from a couple of our member firms:

Current measures you should begin implementing immediately:
• If you don’t feel well or have been exposed to sick family members- Stay home!
• Company meetings will be held virtually until further notice- Exception is BOD at LOTSAR
• Many firms are encouraging their agents and staff to work remotely.
• Most classes and events have been canceled or rescheduled.
• Wash hands before coming into your office or any home that you enter and leave
• Ask clients to meet you at a showing rather than ride together
• Bring sanitizers/wipes with you to sanitize surfaces you come in contact with
• Disinfect your car regularly
• Carry hand sanitizer
• Wipe down doorknobs and all surfaces you may touch when touring homes
• Make sure to sanitize your office regularly
• Limit in-person contact by utilizing technology, live streaming walk-throughs of homes to buyers, E signing, etc.
• Video conferencing with your clients
• Go paperless to limit trips into your office to print.
• Delay open houses during this time
• Do videos for each listing so buyers can see the homes before physically seeing them. Don’t only show the good things on the videos.

Policies for Sellers/Listings
• Have sellers leave lights on and interior doors open to limit surfaces that people need to touch-Let them remain on when leaving
• Please speak with each of your sellers to ensure they agree to have their homes shown
• If your buyers see a home: MAKE SURE TO LEAVE a Card at the HOME to have a contact to follow up should it be necessary.
• Post notes to remind buyers not to touch surfaces unnecessarily
• Encourage sellers to disinfect their home with disinfectant upon re-entering
• Encourage buyer’s agent to do drive-by’s before booking appointments for showing homes with sellers to ensure they really want to get inside
• This is a great time to contact your sellers to check-in and be proactive on this issue.

Staying Healthy for Agents
• Eat well- good nutrition.
• Get enough sleep
• Turn off the media if you are feeling anxious and take a break.
• Exercise
• Limit your travel to only needed trips.
• Sanitize your cell phone and computer
• Don’t panic. We will get through this and thrive.

We thank you for implementing these suggestions and know that we are here to assist you where possible.

Byron Greiner,
President, Land of The Sky Association of REALTORS®,
On behalf of our Board

Special thanks to:
Mike Figura and Jeff Stewart of input on these suggestions.

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