To all LOTSAR agents in Buncombe County

Thank you for your calls, texts and emails regarding our current market and the declaration issues by Buncombe County.

Here is what we know:

The Stay Home- Stay Safe Declaration issued mentions contractual matters. We have been working with the county for further clarification on several items before yesterday’s press conference. We are continuing to ask for additional clarification.

1. The county has issued a 2-week moratorium on all personal showings of homes which started last night (Thursday, March 26th) at 8 PM. 

2. In a press conference yesterday, Buncombe county officials stated that face to face in person showings should cease for this period of time.

3. They stated that virtual showings are approved (Great time to do facetime, video walk thru and other electronic means) .

What we are working on and advice

1. Many of us are asking the county to declare our business as essential. The declaration mentions contractual matters, but falls short of mentioning us, our service providers and notaries in the process. Again, we have stated our case to Buncombe County and are awaiting a response. It is our belief that we are in contract with our sellers through Listing Agreements and with buyers in our Buyer Agency Agreements. 

2. In the request we include our professional services, such as home inspectors, photographers, etc, which were not mentioned in the declaration.

3. During the 2-week moratorium we should not be advertising our homes as go and show as that requires an agent to open them up or sellers to show buyers. We should be advertising with virtual showings or other electronic means. Since these listings are part of our “office” we should be able to video them for use with buyers electronically – just not in person with buyers during this time.

4.We have not been given a directive by CanopyMLS on how to manage our listings for showing yet and we ask about halting Days on Market (DOM) and we were told that the programming is not available and would take a great deal of time as well as third parties doing their own counting independent of our MLS. Based on this, you control access as well as our sellers. Under the moratorium – no showings with buyers in person. Personally, I would change my listings to listing agent approved to be able to control the access until we have further answers from the MLS and therefore Showingtime. 

5. We are also working on what happens when the 2-week moratorium is over. More to come on this hopefully soon. 

Hopefully you have seen our notice that the renewal period has been extended to 9/30. We are offering our CE online and you should have notifications of those classes. Please stay safe and know that we are working to help you do your business in this changing environment. We appreciate you and are here to advocate for each of you.

Byron Greiner,
President, Land of The Sky Association of REALTORS®,
On behalf of our Board

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