Room in the Inn 2019

Overnight Hosts (OH)
We need at least 2 volunteers (at least one female) to arrive at LOTSAR by 8 pm to spend the night and maintain a presence for our guests. We provide OH with clean linens and a mattress in a separate space from the women. OH take turns sleeping so that one host is awake and available at all times. In the morning the OH wake our guests, put out breakfast items, and pre-pack lunches. After light cleanup, OH are free to leave around 7 am.

Dinner Preparation (DP)
We need volunteers to sign up, either individually or as a family/firm to provide dinner on the night of your preference. A RITI leader will work with you on a menu. You can prepare food at your home or have the meal catered by a restaurant and delivered to LOTSAR between 5:00 pm and 5:45 pm.

Dinner Hosts (DH)
We need 3 volunteers each evening to be at LOTSAR by 5:45 pm to set up the dinner items, have dinner with and interact with our guests, and help with light cleanup. We also need help with the evening’s activity (more to come, but maybe craft related and festive!).

We need 2 volunteers with vehicles to drive our guests from AHOPE (3 blocks away) to LOTSAR by 5:45 pm each evening. We also need 2 volunteers to drive our guests from LOTSAR to AHOPE in the morning by 6:45 am. No commercial DL necessary.

Sack Lunches/Groceries
We need volunteers to provide up to 12 sack lunches for the next day. They need to be delivered to LOTSAR by 7 pm and should be labeled with their contents. A RITI team member will work with you to plan the menu options.

Please contact Rachel Brown to volunteer. or phone 828-768-7770

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