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NCREC Education Extensions

As many of you are already aware, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (“NCREC”) recently passed emergency rules allowing for synchronous distance education (i.e. online in real time), as well as extensions of time to complete continuing education (“CE”) and postlicensing education (“POST”). Several people have asked about their respective deadline for both CE and POST, so I’ll address each extension of time under the emergency rule in turn.

Continuing Education

  • Any licensee who has not completed their 2019-2020 CE by June 10 will receive an automatic extension of time until September 30, 2020
  • That said, there will still be a blackout period from June 11 through June 30 where no CE may be offered, and the 2019-2020 Update courses (BICUP and GENUP) “die” on June 10
  • Therefore, if you do not complete this year’s Update course, you will need to take an elective CE course by September 30 in order to make up that CE credit, and if you do not complete any of this license year’s CE, you’ll need to take two electives by September 30
  • Please remember that you do NOT need to complete CE in order to renew your license (i.e. pay the $45 between May 15 and June 30), so please be sure to renew, even if you haven’t completed your 2019-2020 CE by June 10

Postlicensing Education

  • Any Provisional Broker (“PB”) whose deadline to complete POST falls between March 14 and June 30 will automatically be granted a 90-day extension if they have not completed their necessary POST course(s)
  • No written extension is required if the PB’s deadline falls within the above timeframe
  • Extensions will not be automatically granted for deadlines after June 30
  • Please keep in mind that the “shelf life” of POST courses is changing on July 1 (from 3 years to 2 years), so courses taken in the past will time out more quickly
  • Given that, it is prudent for every PB to complete their POST courses as soon as is practicable  

I hope you find these general guidelines helpful. As always, if you have any questions about your individual deadline to complete CE or POST courses, please reach out to NCREC.

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